2nd Meeting of UN-GGIM: Arab States Algeria, 10-11 June 2015

Add Date : Riyadh 6/8/2015 4:37:06 PM

The agenda of the meeting (PDF)

the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management Regional Committee for Arab States held its second meeting in the Algerian Capital, Algiers on (10th to 11th June 2015), chaired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the General Commission for Survey(GCS).

The meeting opened with a welcome speech presented by the Algerian side. Chair of UN-GGIM: Arab States H.E Morayyea Ibn Hasan Al-Shahrani then took the floor with an address in which he expressed thanks and appreciation to the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria for hosting the second meeting of the Committee and for the excellent preparations and warm welcome. He then highlighted the most important objectives of the Committee and its efforts in developing cooperation among the member countries and taking initiatives for the advancement of geographical work to support decision making. He said such support can prove to be instrumental when it comes to taking important decisions relating to the improvement of social and environmental conditions based on geospatial information.  He added that our cooperation can also include the exchange of expertise and technologies to improve the components of geospatial data infrastructure on both the regional and international levels.

H.E the Chair recalled and praised the actionstaken at the first meeting of the UN-GGIM Regional Committee for the Arab States held in Riyadh,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on 24-25February2015 resulting in the formation of four technical work groups whose task is to keep abreast with all developments in the work of the UN-GGIM Regional Committees.

A representative of the UN-GGIM spoke on the latest international developments in relation to supporting the regional committees and stressed the importance of cooperation among member states to promote the role of geospatial information in supporting national, regional and global decision making.

Members of the UN-GGIM: Arab States Committee are bent on implementing the Meeting agenda set for approving the rules and regulations, forming the work teams and establishing their action mechanismswith the ultimate goal of keeping close pace with global geospatial activities.